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Welcome to our review of the best yoga shorts and other yoga goodies!

Yoga is an ancient Eastern practice, but has become increasingly popular and mainstream in the West. There’s good reason for this. Yoga has a ton of physical and mental health benefits.  The benefits hailed by yoga enthusiasts isn’t a bunch of hogwash. Science supports many of these claims.

Regardless of whether you are an experienced practitioner or a yoga newbie, if you practice yoga, you are someone who cares about your health. You want be comfortable during your yoga sessions and deserve to treat yourself to quality products.  That’s why we’ve scoured tons of yoga goodies that will support your best efforts.

In addition to the best yoga shorts, we review yoga pants, blocks, videos, mats, and more.  Finally, we give you more specifics on how yoga can improve your health and sense of well-being.

Best Yoga Shorts

best yoga shorts- shorts

AUU High Waist Yoga Shorts

  • Supportive high waist
  • Sewn-in pocket
  • Breathable fabric
  • Choice of two lengths
  • Array of color options

It was tough to choose the best yoga shorts because there are so many cute options, but the AUU High Waist Yoga Shorts won out.  We love how this style supports your tummy. The pocket comes in really handy to keep a bit of cash or a credit card. You never know when you might want to treat yourself to a smoothie after a good yoga session.

We love the many color options, some vibrant and others more muted.  You can really show off  your individuality with the color choices offered. These yoga shorts compliment your figure nicely. The AUU High Waist Yoga Shorts come in two lengths

These yoga shorts are long enough so you won’t inadvertently flash your classmates, which we are sure you will both appreciate!  Other reviewers pointed out that these yoga shorts don’t distract your session by riding up or scrunching in the crotch area. Talk about a distraction!

Other mentions were quality, breathable fabric and good flexibility.

Best Yoga Pants

best yoga shorts- pants


  • 3 style options
  • 10 color options
  • Side and inner pockets
  • Breathable, nylon fabric

These yoga pants by The Gym People are our top pick because of the sheer number of options they offer and their quality. The offer a variety if styles, colors, and lengths.  You have the high-waisted style that hugs your belly without binding, and you’ve got the low-waisted type.  They run from full-length to capri.  You can also choose between flaired or tapered.

best yoga pants.

Just like the yoga shorts we checked out, the Gym People yoga pants are well-made and look as though they will hold up through lots of use. Regardless of the style you prefer, they all come with a pocket that will accommodate any size smart phone.

Their fabric is a thick, ultra stretchy material that fits snuggly without limiting your range of  motion. If you work up a good sweat, these pants will keep you dry with their fabric’s superb breathability.

Other reviewers commented they can be used for daily wear, their fit is flattering and true-to-size.  Those who purchased The Gym People yoga pants thought they were a quality product for a reasonable price.

Best Yoga Mat

Best Yoga Mat


  • Non-slip
  • Carrying strap included
  • One year warranty
  • Made of TPE
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable
  • Dimensions: 72″ x 24″ x 6 mm
  • Weight: 35 oz

You don’t have to give up style for quality. Get rid of your boring black yoga mat and check out the TOPLUS. Not only is this yoga mat durable, but the colors are gorgeous. They are reversible. Each side is a different color. A couple of them come with beautifully printed designs. Others have lines that are designed to assist with proper alignment of your hands and feet.

best yoga mat

Made from TPE, a type of rubber that has good elasticity, the TOPLUS yoga mat provides enough cushion without being squishy. Its non-slip property provides good stability, so that your balance isn’t compromised.

Other reviewers raved about the TOPLUS Yoga Mat’s skid-resistance, but that it also allows you to easily move your feet as you change positions. They commented that the this yoga mat had the perfect thickness to give support without being too thick. Several yoga enthusiasts appreciated that this mat is biodegradable, thus eco-friendly.

Best Yoga Block

best yoga block

Gaiam Essentials Yoga Block

  • Material: foam
  • Non-slip surface
  • 4 color options
  • Dimensions: 9″ x 6″ x 4″
  • Weight: 4.6 oz

The Gaiam Essential Yoga Block comes in a set of two. Yoga practitioners use yoga blocks to enhance their stability and keep them from wobbling around. Gaiam produces a quality product with that in mind. Made from a sturdy foam that looks as though it’s built to hold up, these yoga blocks have beveled edges which makes it easier to keep a grip on them.

best yoga Gaiam block

Other reviewers mentioned these yoga blocks are great for beginners, to provide extra stability. The blocks are firm but offer a little bit of give. Users also commented on quality of this Gaiam product, in addition to appreciating how lightweight they are. In addition, they stated these yoga blocks are easy to hold onto for an extended period of time.

Best Yoga Bolster

best yoga bolster
Courtesy of #DoYourYoga

#DoYourYoga Rectangular Yoga Bolster

  • Machine-washable cover
  • Organic buckwheat hull fill
  • Sewn-in carrying handle
  • Several fabric designs
  • Dimensions: Approximately 26″ x  9″

The first thing that caught our attention about the #DoYourYoga bolster was the unique fabric patterns. After a bit of research we realized the gorgeous patterns were just one of many things worth calling out.  We feel the #DoYourYoga yoga bolster is worthy of our vote for best yoga bolster for several reasons: its cover, filling, shape and the firm support it offers.

best yoga bolster photo

The outer cover of the #DoYourYoga bolster is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and viscose. The inner cover is 100% cotton.  The fill is organic buckwheat hull, which allows for good airflow. The combination of a its soft fabric and firm, yet giving fill makes this bolster really comfy.

Its breathability will keep it from trapping moisture.  You can tell these bolsters are made with quality in mind. The cover appears durable and the bolster is overall well-made with sturdy stitching.

Other users pointed out this yoga bolster can be used for activities 0ther than yoga, like propping a laptop and meditation. They liked the beautiful design options that #DoYourYoga offers, and support was a big mention as well.  If you aren’t into a patterned fabric, #DoYourYoga also crafts yoga bolsters in bright, happy colors.  You can check those out here.

Best Yoga Socks

Best Yoga Socks
Courtesy of Ozaiic

 Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women

  • Ballet-design
  • Set of 2 pairs
  • Non-skid
  • Material: combed cotton/silicon grips
  • One size fits all
  • Shoe sizes: 5.5 – 11
  • Size: 14″ x 7″

The Ozaiic Yoga Socks for Women come as a set of 2 (grey and black), tucked into a decorative satchel.  These yoga socks are made from cotton and have a generous amount of silicon grip on the bottom to ensure you don’t tumble while doing your most challenging poses.

Best Yoga socks- Ozaiic

The Ozaiic Yoga Socks are high-quality at a reasonable price.  They are comfy and won’t hold in moisture.  Ozaiic made a product that is versatile. Not only can they be used for yoga, but they are perfect for use during your Pilates or barre routines.  They are also good just for lounging around the house.

Reviewers had lots of positive things to say about the Ozaiic Yoga Socks. They claimed these socks helped with stability when attempting complicated poses, and made them feel more secure trying out new ones.  Women who wore these socks said they were lightweight and cool. They also complimented the elastic ballet-style straps, which kept the socks on securely without being too tight.

best yoga


Benefits of Yoga

The practice of yoga comes with an array of benefits – both for your physical and mental health.

Physical Health

In terms of physical health, yoga can improve your:

  • flexibility
  • muscle tone and strength
  • circulatory system
  • cardiac functioning
  • respiratory system
  • ability to maintain a healthy metabolism

Best yoga shorts- physical health

Research supports these claims.  One study showed improved health indicators including glucose and cholesterol levels in patients who incorporated yoga practices into their lives.  Another suggested yoga can have positive effects on chronic pain experienced by veterans.  The Yoga Journal offers suggestions on the best yoga poses for those who suffer from asthma, as techniques to ease breathing.

Mental Health

For mental health, yoga is great for:

  • reducing stress
  • relaxing muscles
  • decreasing anxiety
  • improving mood

Best Yoga shorts -mental health

High school students participated in a study on yoga’s benefits.  These teen participants reported that practicing yoga helped their academic performance, self-esteem, stress levels, and ability to manage their emotions.  Yoga in schools can improve classroom behavior and lower the incidence of bullying.

In a study with alcohol dependent adults, yoga showed a positive effect on their moods, lowering levels of depression. The practice of yoga has been used with adult women who suffer from chronic PTSD to help them regulate their moods.

The benefits of yoga are still being studied, but there is much evidence to at least suggest that yoga is beneficial to our health and happiness. Even without the science to back it up, yoga enthusiasts will swear to how yoga has enhanced their quality of life. If you are a yoga practitioner, it’s worth investing in decent yoga products that will support your commitment to wellness for years to come.

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