The 7 Best Vitamin E Supplements [2023 Reviews]

We examine the year's best vitamin E supplements in this buying guide

Vitamin E has a wide variety of health benefits, it’s is hard to narrow down the benefits of Vitamin E to choose just one.

Even if you use Vitamin E for one purpose, you will see many addition health benefits as well. Enjoy the multi-faceted uses of these the top rate Vitamin E supplements.

While you can get Vitamin E from certain foods, you still may not get enough and that is where supplements come in.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Best Vitamin E Supplements

Solgar Vitamin E SoftgelsBulksupplements Pure Vitamin E PowderNOW Vitamin E Cream
Strength:400IU15,000 IU per ounce28,000 IU
Best Use:AntioxidantScar reduction and anti-agingScar reduction and age spots

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Vitamin E Supplements For 2023

  1. Solgar Vitamin E Softgels
  2. Bulksupplements Pure Vitamin E Powder
  3. Body Wonders Vitamin E Oil
  4. Healthy Priority Organic Vitamin E Oil
  5. NOW Vitamin E Cream
  6. Honeydew Vitamin E Scar Cream
  7. Bronson Natural Vitamin E Softgels

Vitamin E Supplement Reviews

We’ve researched and tried the top Vitamin E products including: creams, powders, softgels and oils, and we’ve chosen our favorite picks to share with you.

No matter what you are looking for, whether you need an anti-aging product or something to manage heart health, you will find it here.

#1 Solgar Vitamin E Softgels

Solgar Vitamin E Softgels at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 50, 100, 250
  • Strength: 400 IU
  • Form: Softgels
  • Best Uses: Antioxidant

It takes just one of these Solgar Vitamin E Softgels per day to give you the benefits of anti-aging, making your hair and skin look younger and healthier.

Not only will you look healthier on the outside, but your body will actually be healthier as the Vitamin E supports heart health as well by lowering LDL cholesterol.

All of these benefits are the result of the powerful antioxidant properties of the pure Vitamin E supplement.

These pure Vitamin E softgels come in a factory sealed pouch that zips closed to keep them as fresh and potent as the first day you opened it.

The product is also tested regularly to make sure they are as pure as they can be and of the highest quality.

You can purchase these Solgar Pure Vitamin E Softgels in various quantities and we feel the Solgar is the best vitamin E supplement available!

#2 Bulksupplements Pure Vitamin E Powder

Bulksupplements Pure Vitamin E Powder at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 100, 250, or 500 grams
  • Strength: 500 mg per quarter tsp
  • Form: Powder
  • Best Uses: Antioxidant

This pure Vitamin E powder is produced by Bulksupplement, known for their inexpensive quality vitamins. The powder contains no fillers and is tested for purity just as all their other products.

It comes in a factory sealed pouch as well, so it will stay just as potent as the day it was opened. The purpose of the Bulksupplement Pure Vitamin E Powder is to protect your body from tissue damage caused by free radicals.

You only need to use ¼ teaspoon of this Vitamin E powder at one time, up to twice a day. However, it can be increased as desired.

When used as a powder, you can mix it with drinks when eating your meals or you can add it to protein shakes and smoothies.

Pure Vitamin E powders can make it easier to add Vitamin E to your supplement regimen and may be preferred by some.

#3 Body Wonders Vitamin E Oil

Body Wonders Vitamin E Oil at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 4 fluid ounces
  • Strength: 28,000 IU per oz
  • Form: Oil
  • Best Uses: Skin and hair moisturizer

This Vitamin E oil by Body Wonders is one of the most potent Vitamin E products available and we found it beneficial for many reasons, from hair and skin treatments, the reduction of scar appearance, and more.

As an oil, it can easily be added to lotions, shampoos and conditioners, or even used on its own to reap the many benefits of Vitamin E.

As oils can separate and become difficult to use, the Body Wonders Vitamin E Oil has been stabilized so it is easier to use regularly and contains no additives.

As a pure Vitamin E oil, we found it extremely beneficial as a moisturizer, even for chapped lips.

For those who make their own beauty products, this is a perfect addition to make your products more moisturizing without adding a greasy feel or adding weight. If your looking for the best vitamin e oil, Body Wonders is for you!

#4 Healthy Priority Natural and Organic Vitamin E Oil

Healthy Priority Vitamin E Oil at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: Half ounce, 1 ounce, or 1 and a half ounce
  • Strength: 15,000 IU
  • Form: Oil
  • Best Uses: Scar reduction and anti-aging

Vitamin E oils can be very versatile when treating dry and chapped skin or growing longer and thicker hair. The Healthy Priority Natural Organic Vitamin E Oil is perfect for that with the added benefit of being organic and vegan friendly.

If scents bother you or you are looking for a product to add to your personal beauty products to give them the added benefits of Vitamin E, this unscented oil works perfectly. You can also find a scented version of this product.

We found this Vitamin E oil very beneficial when reducing the appearance of scars whether those scars were caused by pregnancy, surgery, or even acne.

It can reduce the appearance of wrinkles with anti-aging properties with regular use over time. We loved that it did not feel sticky or greasy when applying it.

When looking for a non-GMO product manufactured by a cruelty free company that isn’t synthetic or even modified genetically or synthetically, this product should top your list.

#5 NOW Vitamin E Cream

NOW Vitamin E Cream

NOW Vitamin E Cream at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 4 ounces
  • Strength: 28,000 IU
  • Form: Cream
  • Best Uses: Reduction of scars and age spots

The NOW Vitamin E Cream is another high quality product on our list that has a very high potency and we felt was the best vitamin E cream.

This cream is meant to moisturize your skin and hair, replenishing moisture lost through UV rays, hot showers, or even harsh soaps.

It can be used anywhere on the body including your face and scalp, as well as your hair. This cream, just like the Healthy Priority Oil above, is vegan friendly.

When using this Vitamin E cream daily, as recommended, we found it useful for the reduction in appearance of age spots and even scars.

This product contains other compounds so is not completely pure Vitamin E. Those compounds are typical for creams and help maintain a smooth cream. The scent is pleasant and the cream isn’t greasy, not feeling too oily on the skin.

#6 Honeydew Vitamin E Scar Cream

Honeydew Vitamin E Scar Cream at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 4 ounces
  • Strength: N/A
  • Form: Cream
  • Best Uses: Reduction of the appearance of scars

While some products contain synthetic Vitamin E, this scar cream contains only natural Vitamin E and it specifically produced to reduce the appearance of scars, whether those scars are old or new.

While it may take a bit longer to see results on older scars, it can be quite effective when used regularly.

Not only does the Honeydew Vitamin E Scar Cream contain Vitamin E, it also contains other compounds that work well together to create a product that we found useful when applied to scars caused by surgery and acne.

It worked well on pregnancy stretch marks as well. The hypoallergenic solution contains shea butter and cocoa butter along with other ingredients that make it the best vitamin E cream for scars.

#7 Bronson Natural Vitamin E Softgels

Bronson Natural Vitamin E Softgels at a Glance:

  • Available Quantities: 100 or 250
  • Strength: 400 IU
  • Form: Softgels
  • Best Uses: General health

Dr. Linus Pauling and several nutritional scientists have recommended Bronson Natural Vitamin E Softgels and we know why. Natural Vitamin E works as an anti-aging product thanks to its antioxidant properties.

However, it supports the entire body by encouraging healthy eyes, a healthy heart, and healthy blood sugar levels. The Bronson brand has been trusted since 1960 with high quality products.

When we tested these natural Vitamin E softgels, we found a boost in general health. Skin, nail, and hair health improved after just a short time.

It is easy to see why this product made it onto our list of Top 7 Vitamin E products and are the best vitamin E capsules.

Bronson even offers a money back guarantee for an entire year if you aren’t satisfied with their product!

Vitamin E Supplement Comparison

Vitamin EFormStrengthBest UseRating
Solgar Vitamin E SoftgelsSoftgel400IUAntioxidant4.6 / 5.0
Bulksupplements Pure Vitamin E PowderPowder500 mg per quarter tspAntioxidant4.6 / 5.0
Body Wonders Vitamin E OilOil28,000 IU per ounceSkin and hair moisturizer4.3 / 5.0
Healthy Priority Natural and Organic Vitamin E OilOil15,000 IU per ounceScar reduction and anti-aging4.5 / 5.0
NOW Vitamin E CreamCream28,000 IUScar reduction and age spots4.1 / 5.0
Honeydew Vitamin E Scar CreamCreamN/AScar reduction4.4 / 5.0
Bronson Natural Vitamin E SoftgelsSoftgels400IUGeneral health4.5 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Vitamin E Supplement

best vitamin e oil

Now that you have read about our favorite Vitamin E products, you need to know what important factors you need to consider when choosing the right product for yourself.

There are many factors involved when searching for the perfect one. Let’s cover them now so you can narrow down your list of choices to just one – the one that will benefit you the most.

Natural or Synthetic

Vitamin E can be synthetically produced. Some products use natural Vitamin E and some use synthetic. Some even use a combination of both.

If this is something that is important to you, you want to look for a product that specifically states it is made from natural Vitamin E.

Another way to tell if it is produced using a natural source is to look for one stating it is vegan friendly or organic.

Strength Required

The strength you need is largely dependent on the form you choose to use it in. If you are ingesting it, such as through a softgels, you don’t need a Vitamin supplement as strong because you will be using all of the product.

If you are using a cream or oil topically, it needs to be stronger because only the surface of your skin or your hair will be in contact with the product and very little of the product will soak in.

Reason for Use

As you can see from the 7 reviews above, there are many Vitamin E products available and each is meant to target a different need.

If you need something to target the appearance of scars, you want to look for a cream containing Vitamin E that is formulated for that.

If you are looking for something to boost physical health overall, a softgel may be more appropriate.

Multiple Benefits

Even if you decide on a product that is helpful for one particular problem, such as the reduction of the appearance of scars, you will most likely find several other benefits as well.

The area that you apply the product will feel smoother. You may even be able to use the same cream in other areas such as for dry elbows which makes the product very versatile. Some Vitamin E products, such as oils, can be used in myriad ways.

If you want something you can use continuously for many reasons, oils and softgels are usually recommended.

Different Forms

Different forms of Vitamin E products are good for various things, as you’ve probably noticed from reading through this guide.

Oils are very versatile while creams can have more topical benefits applied to specific areas of your body. Powders and softgels are good more for overall health than anything else.

However, because you are receiving more benefits from them.

FAQs About Vitamin E

Before using Vitamin E products, whether softgels or other forms, many people have multiple questions. You probably have some of the same questions yourself. Here, we address some of those same questions.

Q: Can I get enough Vitamin E from my diet?

A: People of different ages need different amounts of Vitamin E. While it is possible to get enough Vitamin E with diet alone, it can be difficult.

You may find yourself getting bored with eating the same types of foods regularly such as nuts and green vegetables.

It is especially important for women who are pregnant or breast feeding to get more Vitamin E and this makes getting Vitamin E through diet alone even more difficult.

Q: Is it better to use a different form of Vitamin E than diet?

A: You can enhance your diet with a Vitamin E supplement such as a softgel if you don’t feel you are getting enough. However, if you are using vitamin E as a cream or oil, it can’t hurt your daily intake to get the added benefits of anti-aging, healthier skin, or scar reduction.

Q: What are the signs of Vitamin E deficiency?

A: There usually aren’t any signs of Vitamin E deficiency as it is very difficult to be so deficient that it causes major health problems. In fact, you can usually only feel healthier by supplementing your diet with Vitamin E.

However, if you have certain ailments or disorders, you can become so deficient that it is necessary to use a Vitamin E supplement and your doctor will make you aware of the condition and how to treat it.

Q: Why are there so many benefits of Vitamin E?

A: Vitamin E helps your body to clear itself of free radicals as it is an antioxidant. Antioxidants help to heal your body which can reduce the appearance of scars and age spots, it can help your heart and eye health. And it can allow your skin and hair to regenerate cells faster which makes them healthier and stronger.

Q: What does IU mean?

A: Oftentimes, you will see the strength of Vitamin E products expressed in terms of “IU” which stands for International Units. This is simply a term that is universal worldwide to measure the strength of certain products.

Q: Why should I use Vitamin E for anti-aging instead of more expensive cosmetic compounds?

A: Some cosmetic compounds that you can purchase specifically for the purpose of anti-aging do contain Vitamin E. However, that is not the ingredient doing most of the work.

Most of the ingredients in more expensive anti-aging products contain chemicals that do most of the work. If it is important for you to use more natural solutions for anti-aging, Vitamin E creams or oils can do the work for a fraction of the cost and usually much faster.

Ready to Experience the Many Benefits of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E can help in multiple ways, even ways you didn’t expect.

Whether you decide to help your overall health by using a softgel or a powder, or you want a cream or oil to help a specific area of your body, you can’t go wrong with using a Vitamin E product.

We’ve featured our Top 7 Vitamin E products and we know one, or more, of them can help with your needs.

How We Researched

To come up with the top vitamin E supplements, we researched a variety of sources for reviews such as Walmart, Target and along with our own personal experience.

The authors consulted sources such as online magazines for research and reviews unbiased information.

By using we tried to eliminate fake reviews and use only genuine ones.

With so many options available, the authors narrowed down the selections by using products they felt were the best value for the money.

The staff authors have a wide and varied background as trainers, health coaches and fitness experts. The authors have decades of experience and are eager to share their knowledge with readers.

In order to narrow down the options, we used personal experiences plus recommendations from other trainers and instructors.



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