4 Best Sensory Swings for Autism 2023

Sensory swings are frequently used as a therapeutic tool for children with autism. Many parents have securely installed sensory swings in their home as a way of calming their children who have sensory issues.

We have reviewed the top-rated sensory swings, provided an overview of each and summarized the reviews of customers who have used the swings. We hope to give you enough information to assist you in choosing the right swing for yours or your child’s needs.

All of the sensory swings we’ve highlighted are for indoor use and are not appropriate for use outdoors.

We provide information about the benefits of sensory swings below; but let’s jump into our product reviews first so you can compare the differences and consider which one is right for your and your child.

Our pics for the best sensory swings, in no particular order, include:

Harkla Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids

Best Sensory Swings - Harkla

Harkla’s Indoor Therapy Swing for Kids can hold up to 200 lbs. It comes with all the hardware needed to install the swing in your home.

You can adjust the height of this swing, but you must have a minimum of  6 1/2 feet to hang. Allow a space of three feet on either side of the swing to allow enough space for your child to enjoy the swinging motion.

Harkla Indoor Therapy Swing

Indoor Therapy Swing comes with access to free eBooks. These eBooks cover subjects such as ways to address your child’s sensory needs.

Those who are passionate about charitable giving to autism causes will be pleased to know that Harkla donates 1% of their sales to the University of Washington Autism Clinic. These funds help with caregiver training, therapy services for local children, and autism research.

Review of the Harkla

Overall, this sensory swing gets rave reviews from us.

It takes no more than 15 minutes to install. Kids love it and use it frequently. It provides them with a great way to expend restless energy at any time of the day. They can enjoy the swing without being limited due to weather or time of day.

This top-rated swing is washable, making it easy to keep clean.  Not only is the swing fun for kids, it’s soothing, which leads to fewer and less intense tantrums. It’s a soothing and snug space for children, where they can get away from the busyness of family life- a safe place to call their own.

The fabric seems durable and will likely hold up to a lot of wear and tear.  In addition, the stitching is sturdy and secure.  Stretchy and strong, the fabric is sensory-friendly which is key for kids who have tactile sensitivity.  This is a good pic for adolescents, as it can hold up to 200 lbs.


SENSORY4U Lycra Sensory Swing

Best Sensory Swing - SENSORY4U pic

The SENSORY4U Lycra Sensory Swing is constructed with a double layer of fabric for increased strength and durability. The lycra fabric is a lovely light blue with an attractive animal print.  Its stretchy material provides a snug, but not constricting, pressure for kids and adults. It’s machine washable. 

SENSORY4U Lycra Sensory Swing

Hardware is included and it can support up to 240 lbs. The height can be adjusted to a level that is most comfortable. 

SENSORY4U guarantees satisfaction and the company is committed to correct any issues customers may run into.

Best Sensory Swing - SENSORY4U

Review of the SENSORY4U

SENSORY4U offers a quality product in their Lycra Sensory Swing.  Its made from very stretchy fabric. In spite of its stretchiness, this lycra sensory swing feels supportive around the body.  Just make sure when you install it to leave enough clearance from the floor! Over time the fabric does begin to stretch out, but the height can be adjusted to accommodate the additional length.

This swing is the only one we reviewed that offers a fun print.  Kids will spend hours in this swing, enjoying the soothing motion and snug but comfortable fit.  Even tall adults can fit into this swing (we’re talking to you, Dad!)

The SENSORY4U Lycra Sensory Swing is not the best option for toddlers, as its tough for them to maneuver entry on their own.

The hardware included with the SENSORY4U made installation a cinch. No special tools or skill needed.

DreamGYM Net Therapy Indoor Swing

Best Sensory Swing - DREAMGYM

The DreamGYM Net Therapy Indoor Swing is constructed of  nylon cords which form a net that simulates a hugging sensation against the body. 

This sensory swing comes with a bar that’s installed in a doorway and will fit the width of any standard door frame. Its adjustable from 26″ to 36″. There’s no need to take the swing down. Your door will still be functional, as it can be closed with the support bar in place.

DreamGYM Net Therapy Indoor Swing

You will need a space of 2-1/4″ on each side of the door frame to install the brackets that hold the support bar.

This easy-to-install design is a good option for parents who don’t want to mess around with finding a stud to secure a swing from the ceiling. It can hold up to 22o lbs, so is able to support children, teens and adults alike. It’s recommended for ages 3 years old and up.

The DreamGYM swing comes in four color options: Rainbow, Chocolate, Sky Blue, and Caramel.

Review of the DreamGYM

We like the unique design of this DreamGYM Net Therapy Swing.  There are so many positives with this sensory swing, that we give it an enthusiastic thumbs up.

Aside from it’s different design, DreamGYM sensory swing is made with quality nylon cord, unlike its counterparts which are made from fabric.  The nylon cord is comfortable. It doesn’t bind, nor is it itchy.

Parents will feel comfortable letting their kids dangle above the floor in this swing. Its quality components and workmanship are sure to provide many years of swinging pleasure.

The installation is simple, but bar fits quite snugly into the brackets, making it sticky to remove.  The DreamGYM can hold up to 220 lbs, so this might be a good option if the whole family plans to enjoy this swing.

Not only is the DreamGYM sturdy and comfy, it is effective in avoiding over-stimulation and meltdowns. On top of being effective, kids just plain love spending time in it.

AMAZEYOU Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair

Best Sensory Swing - AMAZEYOU

The AMAZEYOU Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair  is a different design from the other sensory swings we review. Its pod design is intended for sitting upright and an inflatable cushion is included for adding comfort while enjoying the swing. A pump is included for inflating the sitting cushion.

The AMAZEYOU pod chair is the most economical model we looked at. This swing is apt for both indoor and outdoor installation. Hardware is included for ease of installation.

AMAZEYOU Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair

The fabric is a soft cotton that is easy to clean and it comes in 3 vibrant color options that will capture a kid’s attention: blue, green, and purple. Your child can enclose themselves completely with the zipper closure.

This is the only swing that provides a 100% guarantee and accepts returns for any reason.

The weight limit is 175 lbs and is designed for children from 3 to 9 years old.

Review of the AMAZEYOU

Because its design, the AMAZEYOU Kids Swing Hammock Pod Chair supports an upright sitting position. This makes it easy for kids to read or watch TV while relaxing. This swing’s closed-in space is effective at calming kids with sensory processing problems. In spite the fact it hugs the child less securely than the other ones we reviewed, it’s as effective as the others we reviewed.

We are happy to recommend the AMAZEYOU swing for several reasons.  To begin with, you can tell the fabric is durable, as well as soft. (It doesn’t stretch, though).  The construction also looks sturdy. This sensory swing is the only of our top picks that is built to resist the elements, so can be used outside as well as indoors.

Smaller children will need help getting into the swing, and taller children may not fit comfortably.  We weren’t too keen about the inflatable cushion that comes with the swing. It tends to lose air.  But throwing a different pillow in there took care of that problem.

If you are looking for a swing that will accommodate the big people in your family, this isn’t a good option. Tweens are likely to feel squished in this swing’s pod.

Installation was a cinch with the instructions provided and all hardware needed to hang the swing is included.

Sensory Issues

People on the autistic spectrum can have sensory issues that affect their day-to-day lives. This isn’t exclusive to those on the spectrum, though. Other developmental disorders, sensory processing disorders, and ADHD can cause a person to have sensory intolerance.

Children and adults with autism may be either under-sensitive (hypo-sensitive) or over-sensitive (hyper-sensitive) to sensory input.

Best Sensory Swings - sensory

Senses which can be affected include:

auditory (hearing)
tactile (touch)
olfactory (smells)
gustatory (taste)

Those who are hyper-sensitive to sensory input can struggle with daily activities that most of us take for granted.  Not only may they be distracted by certain stimuli, that stimuli may be overwhelmingly uncomfortable for them.

How Do Sensory Swings Work?

Sensory swings can provide comfort, even to people who don’t have sensory issues. These swings are designed to assert pressure and hug the person as they swing, and provide a small area which gives a sense of safety.

Pressure has been shown to trigger a sensation of calm. The swinging movement also provides a sensory-seeking person with vestibular input. The vestibular system modulates our ability to react to gravity and objects within our proxmity. This includes the ability to balance. Vestibular input helps children develop sensory integration.

Best sensory swing- balance

Another benefit of sensory swings is the application of pressure to soothe. This is called Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS). Research shows that DPS is effective at calming children who are over-stimulated.

DPS can be applied with massage tools, the hands, or weighted blankets. A sensory swing is another way for someone to feel the calming sensation of pressure hug their body.

How to Choose the Best Sensory Swing for You

Briefly, here are some things to consider while deciding what type of sensory swing is best for your family.

Who Will Use the Swing?

You must consider who will be using the swing. Keep in mind the weight limits for each before choosing.

Where Will You Hang the Swing?

Where in your house is most convenient to hang a swing?  If your child enjoys spending hours in the swing, as many parents report their children do, will hanging a swing in the doorway cause difficulty for you entering and exiting the doorway?

Would you prefer the swing to hang in a common area where the whole family can enjoy it, or would you rather install it in your child’s room where they will have more quiet and privacy to self-soothe? Installing the swing in a common area is a nice option to allow a child to self-soothe while allowing for quality family time.

What Type of Fabric Do You  Prefer?

All of the swings have comfortable fabric, but you have a choice between a netted fabric, like the kind

Will You Need to Wash the Swing?

If you are using the swing for a child, especially a messy one, you should take this into account.  Is the swing machine washable?

What Sensory Stimulation Is Best for You?

Finally, what type of sensory stimulation does the user need?  Four of the sensory swings we reviewed hug the person snuggly, while the “pod chair” hugs the body less. You sit upright in a pod hammock style swing and its primarily quality is the swinging motion.

All of the swings but one have a 360 degree range of motion, while the doorway mounted DreamGYM is limited to a forward and backward motion.

These factors should help you to decide on the best sensory swing for your child and family. We hope you find the reviews and additional information helpful.

Happy swinging!

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