5 Best Meditation Chairs [2020]

Are you looking for a meditation chair? We have reviewed 5 Best Meditation Floor Chairs to allow you the most comfortable meditation experience possible.

Meditation is a practice that just about anyone can do if they have a calm and quiet space. However, one of the main challenges that keep many people from continuing meditation is discomfort or even pain.

Best Meditation Chair - woman meditating

As the traditional way of meditating is sitting on the floor, not everyone can pull it off, whether that be due to back pain or other restrictions. However, we have just the solution: one of the best

Here are a list of our 5 picks for the top meditation floor chairs, in no particular order:

BonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair

The Best Meditation Chair - BonVivo pic

The foldable chair is adjustable with precision so you can choose exactly the position you’d like and never have to feel uncomfortable while using it. The filling consists of upholstery, PE foam, and PU foam which shapes to your individual body to offer maximum luxury for sitting and reclining. It works for those who weight up to 220 pounds.

The first meditation chair with back support we’re going to cover is the BonVIVO Easy III Padded Portable Floor Chair with Handle. This beautiful model comes in Blue & Beige, looking elegant and homey all at the same time.

The Best Meditation Chair - BonVivo woman meditating

Regarding both looks and functionality, it’s perfect for meditation, playing video games, doing homework/work and just about anything else that requires sitting on the floor! You can also place it on top of harder chairs for a bit of extra cushion. 

The chair itself weighs a mere 6 pound, and its small footprint combined with the fact that you can easily fold it away makes it ultra-convenient to transport. The cover is comprised of a durable stain-resistant synthetic fiber which can quickly be cleaned with a damp sponge or cloth.  

The Best Meditation Chair - BonVivo

What Users Say

As on of the top-rated, it’s easy to say that this bowl was definitely a high performer. However, it wasn’t perfect and there were some concerns.

For example, a couple of users reported that the base section wasn’t quite long enough for them to fully place their legs on top of the cushion when their legs were crisscrossed. A couple even stated that they’d like the back to be adjustable height-wise as well. 

Aside from that, reviews were generally very positive. The model was very visually captivating, and they loved that it was so easy to adjust which made for comfy TV watching and quality meditation.

Despite being so lightweight and convenient to transport, it was quite cushy and came with ample padding and support. 

BIRDROCK HOME Memory Foam Floor Chair

The Best Meditation Chair - BIRDROCK HOME pic

If you like living in the lap of luxury, then you can’t go wrong with the BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14-Position Memory Foam Floor Chair.

This extra-padded chair is excellent whether you’re hanging out with friends, drinking a tea, or meditating and trying to clear your mind. Coming in various colors like Eggplant, Orange, and Blue, you get a few style choices as well.

As the name suggests, you have the ability to choose between 14 different positions of the chair back to make sure it works perfectly for you, your body, and the activity you’re partaking in.

Made with high-quality, chopped memory foam it’s incredibly cushy and provides adequate support, even for long periods of time. Covered with a soft, plush fabric, it feels great against the skin, too. 

Once you’re finished using it, you can lay the chair completely flat to easily store it under a bed, behind a door, and so on. 

The Best Meditation Chair - BIRDROCK HOME

What Users Say

This floor chair also gained 4.5 out of 5 stars from user reviews, which were overall positive. I’s very thick and the one-piece design makes it very durable to use and easy to store when you’re done using it.

The material is incredibly soft and can even be used to take a little nap on as you can lay it completely flat, and it will hold its shape well for long periods of time. 

The only major complaint was that it was smaller than what many had come to expect from the photos. The back was tall enough for most of the users, though some had some issues getting up off of it when they were done.

If you’re using it for meditation you’re probably not going to have this issue, but if you’re sitting on it for hours at a time while playing video games then that may change. The back support was solid, if not a bit too unforgiving at times but overall a great chair. 

Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat
The Best Meditation Chair - Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat pic

The next meditation chair with back support on our guide is the Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat. That’s a big name to take in, but the design is really quite simple.

Perfect for both meditation and the Sukhasana pose, the model naturally eases hip tension by raising the hips and moving them slightly forward so you sit up straight with no strain.

This model is definitely one of the most eye-catching designs out there, not only because of the shape but of the colors and fabrics offered. You can choose between vegan leather, genuine leather, or fabric as the cover.

The Best Meditation Chair - Alexia woman meditating

Colors range from Black, Brown, and Dark Gray to Orange, Red, Noir, and more. Each one has a classy feel to it, and will surely look good with any existing décor you have in your home. 

Hand-crafted with incredible detail, it also comes with a built-in, lightweight metal frame to hold up to regular use.

The best meditation seat features a lotus-like design which may look unique but is very practical, whether you’re working, meditating (of course), reading a book or watching television. The ergonomic design can help keep your spine in proper alignment and promote better posture. 

The Best Meditation Chair - Alexia Ergonomic Meditation Seat pic

What Users Say

Reviewers absolutely loved the Alexia Meditation Chair! While it’s notably pricier than most other meditation chairs on the market today, it’s more than worth it when you take functionality and durability into consideration. 

It helped users with knee, hip, and back pain which left them feeling more relaxed and comfortable while meditating and hanging out at home. As it automatically corrected their posture, it helped to strengthen the core muscles and muscles along the spine. 

Stitching and seams were very well-done with a lot of care taken to ensure they didn’t come loose and held up well. The vegan leather option also felt smooth and soft against the skin and didn’t come with any odd odors. 

Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair

The Best Meditation Chair - Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair pic

The Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair is quite similar to the first one on our guide. It has a foldable design that’s cushioned but not too thick or cumbersome. Use it on-the-go, for practicing meditation, playing video games and more – your options are endless!

The chair itself is padded but still slim enough to fold it up and take with you anywhere you want to go. The adjustable carry strap makes transportation very easy, so you can take it to the stadium with you, or anywhere else you need some extra comfort. 

The malu is actually the only floor chair currently on Amazon which comes with a completely removable and machine-washable soft-touch cover.

The luxurious micro-suede feels wonderful against the skin, but it also very easy to give a deep wash so you don’t have to worry about unhealthy bacteria forming. The nylon bottom is also very easy to keep free of dust and grime, so you can use it both indoors and outdoors without concern. 

Offering 6 different backrest positions, they don’t offer quite as much as some others on this guide but it still works very well. With 180 degrees of motion, it will suit any position. 

Best Meditation Chair- Malu Luxury Padded Floor Chair

What Users Are Saying 

Many reviewers claimed this is the best chair cushion out there for the price. It’s rather slim in profile and doesn’t offer a ton of cushion, though it does help if you’ll only be using it for a couple of hours or less at a time. 

Folding it in half makes it easy to stow away, though some users reported a loud clicking noise when folding their chair up. This obviously doesn’t affect the functionality though it’s worth mentioning.

The overall consensus is that this is the best meditation chair for travel, thanks to how lightweight it is and the convenient carry strap. 

Somewhere between sitting on a cloud and a pillow, this chair was favored greatly by adults and children alike. Adjusting the angle is easy, too, so you can sit comfy no matter where you are.

This meditation seat was used indoors on the floor, on the chair, in the backyard, sporting events and much more. 

Original BackJack Floor Chair

The Best Meditation Chair - Original BackJack Floor Chair picIf you’re on the hunt for one of the best meditation products out there but are on a budget, then check out the Original BackJack Floor Chair.

The straightforward design is rather simple, but it will keep you comfortable while you’re meditating. Not to mention, it comes in some of the most visually attractive shades we’ve seen, like Burgundy, Royal Blue, Sand, Navy Blue, Forest Green, and more. 

This sturdy seat is perfect to use just about anywhere – indoors and outdoors. The frame is made with heavy-duty steel which means it will hold up for years to come if treated properly.

Filled with 90% cotton, it’s still quite sturdy but does offer just enough give for you to be comfortable while meditating. The cover is also made of a heavy cotton, which is very soft and breathable to keep bacteria from growing. 

The seat back can be adjusted to sitting or reclining from vertical or horizontal. Unfortunately, there aren’t a ton of adjustment options but it still works quite well – especially if you want to lay down and meditate or lounge around the house. 

The Best Meditation Chair - Original BackJack Floor Chair

What Users Say

Overall, this meditation floor chair received very good reviews. The only minor complaint was that the fabric occasionally slipped off of the metal frame, though this didn’t happen very often. 

The most commonly mentioned “pro” of the model was that it offered a great amount of support and wasn’t as flimsy as some of the pads out there. Some reviewers had used it all day long and didn’t experience any discomfort at all. 

Moreover, assembly was reportedly very easy and took mere seconds to set it up and you’re good to go. As the chairs come in various sizes you get a bit more control over how well the seat will fit you, depending on your height and weight.

All in all, if you want a straight-back chair then this one cannot be beat.  

Benefits of Using a Meditation Chair

Meditation chairs come in various types, sizes, forms, etc. The models we looked at today are very cushy and plush, though there are many people who prefer solid wood benches such as the seiza meditation benches.

These encourage proper posture and the strengthening of the core, yet are easy to fold up when you’re finished. 

Those on our guide are a bit more comfortable, with most coming with some type of foam padding as you may want to use them for more than just meditation. For example, if you need some extra cushion on a hard dining room chair, the floor, stadium seating, and so on.

If you’re meditating on hard tile or hardwood floors, you’re not going to be very comfortable and within minutes, may find it unbearable. With a meditation chair, this won’t even be an issue. 

Many of us live sedentary lifestyles, which can cause back problems. Meditation, then, can be difficult and aggravate the back muscles because you’re not used to sitting in this way.

A meditation chair can offer lumbar and even full back and neck support, while others encourage proper posture and help to strengthen the back to minimize pain. 

How to Choose a Meditation Seat

Have you already decided on a meditation chair for yourself? If not, there’s no need to worry. It can be difficult to choose just one when there are so many great options on the market today.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to write up the comprehensive buying guide below. By the time you’re finished, there will be no doubt which is the one for you and your meditation needs!


As you can see, there isn’t just one type of meditation chair. There are the traditional hardback models like #5 on our guide, there are pads, and there are full chairs that look completely different from the rest, like the Alexia. The major difference between cushions and chairs is that cushions do not typically have a back included.

The Best Meditation Chair - type
Courtesy of Alexia

If you can sit upright comfortably without needing back support then a cushion may be just great for you. However, meditation chairs with back support will often offer the most comfort while also keeping you consistent in your posture. 


If your chair of choice has a back, then they’re probably adjustable. How adjustable? Well, that’s up to the model and manufacturer. Some can only be adjusted to 2 different levels: upright and straight down.

The Best Meditation Chair - adjustable
Courtesy of Malu

Others have up to 15 adjustability levels! The more levels available, the better your chances are of your chair offering the perfect position for you. As your back and core muscles get stronger, you may want to adjust it as well. 

Weight Capacity

Some chairs are going to have a weight capacity, so it’s important to know how much you weigh and be honest about it. Even if you have the theoretically best chair in the world, it’s not going to do you much good if it can’t support your weight. 

Weight of Chair

The weight of the chair itself is also important, particularly if you’re planning on moving it around a lot or taking it with you. If you need it to be portable, then it’s a good idea to go for a model weighing 10 pounds or less so you’re not exhausted or struggling. 


That brings us to our next point. What are you going to do with your chair? Are you planning on taking it on a road trip? To and from work with you? Essentially, if you’ll be leaving home with it, you want it to be easy to carry.

The Best Meditation Chair - portable
Courtesy of bonVIVO

Aside from it being lightweight, the portable meditation chair should be foldable and ideally include a carry strap so you don’t have to awkwardly tuck it under your arm. 

This makes storage easier, too – particularly if they can be folded up and slid under a bed or behind a door. 


How much are you willing to spend on one of the best meditation chairs? It’s a wise idea to figure out a number and budget for yourself beforehand. It can get easy to be carried away while looking at all of these great products and accidentally spend more than you’d originally intended on doing.

When you go up in price, you’ll generally see an increase in durability and the quality of the materials used. While there are many incredible budget products, spending a bit more (if you can swing it) is often worth it due to the extra length and enhanced performance you’ll get out of it. 

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read all about the best meditation chairs, which one will you be using next session? If you’re still undecided know that whichever one you choose, you’ll be receiving one of the best on the market today.

The most important consideration is selecting the seat that works best for you and your body. We hope this guide has helped you to do just that. Thanks for tuning in and happy meditating!

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