The 7 Best Weighted Blankets For Kids [2023 Reviews]

We’ve all had times when we’ve had trouble with our kids trying to fall asleep. What if we told you there was a way to fall asleep even easier without the need of any pills or crazy methods?

So, what’s the secret? One of the top weighted blankets for kids, of course!

These blankets are heavier than normal and have the ability to give the feeling of comfort and happiness that will relax even the most restless child.

Best Kids Weighted Blankets

Florensi Weighted BlanketSupersoft Calming BlanketHabiLife Weighted Blanket
Size:41” x 60” (3 sizes)36” x 48” (3 sizes)36” x 48” (4 sizes)
Weight:7 Pounds (4 available)5 Pounds (3 available)6 Pounds (4 available)
Fabric:Cotton, bamboo, minky100% CottonBamboo Viscose

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Weighted Blankets For Kids

  1. Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids
  2. Supersoft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids
  3. HabiLife Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids
  4. Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids
  5. Weighted Idea Kids Weighted Blanket for Kids and Teens
  6. Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket w/ 2 Duvet Covers
  7. YnM Weighted Blanket

Our reviews of the top rated weighted blankets for kids with our comparison table and buyers guide will help you choose the right blanket for you.

Kids Weighted Blanket Reviews

#1 Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids

Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids at a Glance:

  • Size: 41” x 60” 
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton, bamboo, minky
  • Colors: 2

As the best weighted blanket for kits, the Florensi Weighted Blanket is high-quality, affordable, and incredibly cozy.

You can select between either Blue Constellation or Grey Chevron, which both look trendy and eye-catching. If you’re looking for an overall amazing model, it’s hard to compete with this one.

When it first arrives on your doorstep, you’ll find that it comes with a removable cover to make it easy to clean and even change out in the future if you’d like.

In addition, you’ll discover a high-quality storage bag which is perfect for traveling with younger ones that can’t sleep without it or for safe storage.

The 7-pound blanket features evenly distributed weight for the highest level of effectiveness, with one side made of a soft bamboo and the other with a minky touch.

The minky side is ultra-soft and great for cold winter nights, while the bamboo one helps to draw heat away from the body, making it ideal for hotter ones.

The weight works to create a kind of hugging sensation that will instantly calm down your child and relax them, making it easy to fall into a deep sleep.

With high-quality stitching and materials, you can count on this glass bead-filled model to last for many nights to come!

#2 Supersoft Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids

Supersoft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids at a Glance:

  • Size: 36” x 48”
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Colors: 4

As the best weighted blanket for toddlers, the Supersoft 5 Lbs Calming Weighted Blanket for Kids is a bit smaller than the aforementioned product making it ideal for smaller children.

Coming in either Pink, Turquoise, Blue, or Navy Blue, your child will have quite a few color selections to choose from. No matter which one they choose, however, it’s a sure thing it will soon be their favorite!

Made of 100% cotton, it’s incredibly breathable and soft to help regulate body temperature throughout the night.

It’s also filled with hypoallergenic micro glass beads which is perfect if your child is sensitive or has allergies.

The 5-pound blanket is the perfect weight for little ones, offering the sensation of being hugged which will instantly calm the person under it.

This is also a wonderful option if your child has trouble with sleeping on their own or feeling scared by themselves.

The 8 interior corner ties will keep them feeling safe all night without unraveling which can cause them to wake up in the middle of the night, defeating the purpose.

On top of all that, the blanket also comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee to give you the confidence you need to purchase a reliable, safe product.

#3 HabiLife Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids

HabiLife Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids at a Glance:

  • Size: 36” x 48”
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Bamboo Viscose
  • Colors: 1

Whether you live in a hot area or your child just always seems to be sweating during the night, the HabiLife Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids will help them be comfy and sleep deeper.

Made of 100% natural bamboo viscose, it’s the most breathable you’ll find, which also absorbs moisture well. That’s not to say that it’s just for hot climates, however.

Using advanced sewing technology and high-quality materials, the 6-pound blanket comes lined with a polyester padding and extra layers which hold countless sturdy micro glass beads.

To the skin, it has an almost silky feel which is neither too hot nor too cold. This particular model is most well-suited to children who weigh anywhere between 40 and 70 pounds and should never be used by children younger than 4.

Coming with gentle but effective restraints, you don’t have to worry about them accidentally moving the blankets off of them at night, either.

If you need to take it with you traveling or just need some handy storage, you’ll appreciate the included carry bag.

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can rest easy knowing that if you’re not completely happy, you can either get a replacement or an entire refund.

#4 Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids

Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket for Kids at a Glance:

  • Size: 36” x 48”
  • Weight: 5 pounds
  • Fabric: Minky/Cotton
  • Colors: 5

If you’re okay with spending a bit more for one of the most high-quality weighted blankets out there today, then take a good look at the Sweetzer & Orange Weighted Blanket.

This blanket is ideal for children who stand 4 feet tall or shorter, or weight between 42 and 63 pounds. No matter what kind of climate you live in, you can be assured that this best heavy blanket for kids will work with it.

Coming in a few different fun patterns and colors, your child will actually look forward to using it!

They can select from: Sleepy Animals, Unicorn, Sleepy Dinosaurs, Blue Stripe, and Grey Stripe.

To add a bit of extra versatility, you’ll get two different fabric sides: one is a soft cotton and the other is a minky dot cover. You’ll actually get not only a blanket, but a cover as well for cold winter days and nights!

The 5-pound blanket offers just the right amount of weight for most smaller children, creating a sensation of being comforted that will encourage them to relax and fall asleep within mere minutes.

Coming filled with non-toxic, odorless glass spheres, they are evenly distributed to offer the most effective results.

#5 Weighted Idea Kids Weighted Blanket

Weighted Idea Kids Weighted Blanket at a Glance:

  • Size: 41″ x 60″
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Colors: 21

If you found the earlier products to be captivating but you have a child that’s too big for those models, then take a look at the Weighted Idea Cotton Blanket.

This one is ideal for children between 60 to 80 pounds, measuring 41” x 60”. Coming in 21 beautiful shades, your child will have no issue finding one that suits their tastes.

The 7-pound blanket is one of the most visually attractive, easily jiving with any type of existing décor.

However, it’s much more than just looks. The 100% cotton blanket is all-natural and extremely breathable which will ensure they stay cool on hot nights and warm on chilly ones.

They feel silky soft to the touch as well, making it everyone’s favorite!

If your child has skin sensitivities or allergies, then this should be your go-to! It is made to be skin-friendly, is OEKO-registered, chemical-free, and anti-odor. To keep the beads from moving, the manufacturer has included non-glue padding.

If that weren’t enough, they’ve also thrown in a 1-year warranty, offering a replacement or full refund within that time if you’re not 100% satisfied (which we’re sure you will be).

#6 Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket

Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket at a Glance:

  • Size: 36” x 48”
  • Weight: 6 pounds
  • Fabric: Cotton
  • Colors: 5

Sometimes we need more than just a good testimony to convince us of a product. That’s why we appreciate the fact that the Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket includes proven science in their products.

With the calming capabilities of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS), your child will find themselves more tranquil on a daily basis while sleeping better.

The anti-gravity blanket is excellent if your child suffers from sensory issues, anxiety, and much more.

You don’t get a ton of options to choose from, but the natural hues and blues look gorgeous and are gender neutral.

As they’ve been generous enough to also include 2 duvet covers – one soft, warm fleece and one made of their CoolMax Microfiber – you can change it up according to the seasons and in-home temperature perfectly.

Instead of the glass beads that most models include today, this model features nano-ceramic bead technology. These offer a slightly different feeling, almost like soft, smooth sand instead of hard beads.

In addition, they’re always evenly distributed to offer the best results possible.

The cotton blanket has one smooth side and one with nubs to offer further tactile feedback and added reassurance to nervous children. Thanks to the tough material and Duralast fiber stitching, your child can use it on a daily basis and it will retain its original integrity for years.

#7 YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted Blanket at a Glance:

  • Size: 41″ x 60″
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Colors: 22

While the YnM Weighted Blanket is also one of the more expensive options, it’s made with the most high-quality materials and will deliver some of the best results possible.

Ideal for kids weighing around 60 pounds, the 41” x 60” heavy blanket will provide them with the best sleep they’ve ever had.

If you’re serious about them performing better in school or just overall being calmer, then keep on reading.

As it comes in a whopping 22 shade options, you’ll see selections like Navy, Penguin, Sprout Green, Super Lightning, Terrazzo, and many more.

No matter which one you select, you’re bound to have a good option that suits your child’s personality and room.

The blanket is comprised of 100% cotton which is obviously very natural, breathable, and perfect for children with sensitivities/allergies. You can also opt for colors/patterns that come with a soft minky side and cooling bamboo side to work for any season and temperature.

While most competitor options come with just 2 layers, this one comes with 7, made to surround your child’s body and form perfectly to their shape.

Due to adding in more glass beads and less fiber fill, it also works better to regulate their body temperature. With various little compartments throughout, weight shifting won’t be an issue at all.

Offering the longest guarantee of any weighted blanket we’ve used, the 3-year guarantee will give you the peace of mind you need to get this incredible product for your child!

Weighted Blankets For Kids Comparison Table

Kids Weighted BlanketsBlanket SizeWeightFabricColorsRating
Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids41” x 60”  (3 sizes)7 Pounds (4 available)Cotton, bamboo, minky24.9 / 5.0
Supersoft Calming Weighted Blanket36” x 48” (3 sizes)5 lbs (3 available)100% Cotton44.8 / 5.0
HabiLife Cooling Weighted Blanket36” x 48” (4 sizes)6 lbs (4 available)Bamboo Viscose14.9 / 5.0
Sweetzer & Orange Blanket36” x 48” (5 sizes)5 lbs (5 available)Minky/Cotton54.7 / 5.0
Weighted Idea Kids Blanket41" x 60" (5 sizes)7 lbs (10 available)100% Cotton214.4 / 5.0
Degrees of Comfort Weighted Blanket36” x 48” (4 sizes)6 lbs (9 available)100% Cotton54.4 / 5.0
YnM Weighted Blanket41" x 60" (5 sizes)7 lbs (8 available)100% Cotton224.4 / 5.0

How to Choose the Best Weighted Blanket For Kids – Buying Guide

best kids weighted blanket
Photo Courtesy of Sweetzer & Orange


First off, you should figure out exactly how much your child weighs and how tall they are. This is both for safety and efficiency purposes.

First off, if the blanket is too heavy for your child, it can be a safety issue and that’s the last thing that we want. Secondly, each weight/height range has an ideal weight of blanket which you can easily find out on the manufacturer’s site.

Usually, each manufacturer will offer a varied selection of sizes and weights so you can choose the best one. For children, you’re most likely going to see weighted blankets from 5 to 7 pounds, but depending on your child’s size you may choose to go up or down.

Weight Distribution

This is an often overlooked factor for those who have never used or purchased a weighted blanket before. The “weight” won’t be very effective if it’s all pushed to one side, will it?

This is why the distribution is just as effective as the weight itself. To ensure they stay in the correct place, most brands will use little compartments so the beads/filling don’t move around a lot.

Blanket Filling For Weight

Not every weighted blanket is the same, even if they’re the same size and weigh the same amount of pounds. You also need to take into consideration the kind of filling it comes packed with. Let’s take a look at each so you have a better idea of what you should be looking for.

Glass Beads

These are undoubtedly the most common filling among higher-end weighted blankets. They’re natural, they’re heavy, and they are very durable. However, depending on how well the brand has manufactured their products, they can occasionally feel a bit awkward or like they’re filled with hard kernels which isn’t the most comforting feeling.

Ceramic Beads

These are definitely the most expensive of the bunch, but they’re also the best-feeling. In comparison to many glass bead blankets, these have an almost silky, sandy feeling that won’t ever be uncomfortable, painful, etc. They also typically last a bit longer so you get more for your money.

Fiber Fill

Most blanket manufacturers don’t just fill them with beads, but include a fiber fill as well. Ideally, you’ll want to have more beads than filling, but as fiber is typically cheaper than glass or ceramic beads many brands will cheap out and skimp on the beads. More beads will form better to your child’s body, which will obviously provide them with better results and more of a soothing, hugging sensation.

Weighted Blanket for Toddlers
Florensi Weighted Blanket for Kids

Inner Clasps

Some of the most efficient models will come with some kind of internal clasps. What this does is make sure that the interior blanket doesn’t get all bunched up inside the duvet cover which will lose the intended shape and the effect it’s meant to provide as well. It may seem like a small feature, but it plays a big part in functionality.

Corner Ties

Corner ties are a bit different from the clasps, but often confused when reading about them. What the corner ties do is ensure that your child doesn’t kick the blanket off of them while they’re sleeping. If the blanket isn’t on them, this isn’t going to function well and defeats the purpose, too.

Blanket Shell Material

As you can imagine, the material the blanket is made out of is going to be one of the biggest factors in how much your child likes it and wants to use it. Let’s take a quick look at each of the most commonly-used materials to help narrow down your options and select the best one for your kid.


Cotton is by far the most popular, and for good reason. It’s relatively inexpensive, it’s all-natural, and breathable. As it’s also hypoallergenic, it’s perfect for children with sensitivities and allergies. The breathability plays a big part in comfort, keeping your child at a comfortable and healthy temperature that will make it a great option for year-round use.


Bamboo is slightly more expensive than cotton, so you’ll probably have to pay more for it. However, for many it’s more than worth it. First off, bamboo is extremely long-lasting and even though it’s more pricey it will pay for itself with how much better it will hold up in comparison to cheaper materials. Bamboo is amazing at moving moisture and heat away from the body, too, so it’s ideal for hotter climates or for children who often get sweaty at night.


This is a very soft, cozy material that’s ideal for winter/cold nights. It’s smooth and luxurious, and not ideal for kids who often get hot at night. It’s relatively inexpensive, though.

Some of the best-performing weighted blankets come with some combination of all of the aforementioned materials. You’ll often receive the cotton blanket with one duvet cover with one bamboo side and one minky side, or two duvet covers: one minky and one bamboo.


Make sure the size of the blanket not only works best for your child’s weight and size, but for the size of their bed as well. 36″ x 48″ seems to be the most common size among weighted blankets for kids, but as children vary widely in height and weight there’s not really a “one-size-fits-all”.


How much are you willing to spend on one a good weighted blanket for children? It’s a smart idea to have a number in mind before you start shopping around – or at least a range. Try not to go over this number, as you don’t want to end up with buyer’s remorse for a product that’s meant to help your child. The good news is that whatever your budget may be, we have a product that will suit it.

FAQs About Weighted Blankets for Kids

Q: How heavy should a child’s weighted blanket be?

A: A good guideline would be to multiply your child’s weight by 10% and then adding 1-2 pounds depending on their likes. For example, a 50-lb child would be given a 5-lb. blanket on the low end and a 7-lb. model on the high end.

Q: What age is appropriate for a weighted blanket?

A: Weighted blankets should never be used with children under 2 years of age for safety purposes, though they’re typically not used until children are around 4.

Q: Can you wash a weighted blanket?

A: Yes, almost always. You’ll just need to make sure that you take the duvet cover off and wash it separately. Unless indicated otherwise by the manufacturer, wash them on gentle and cold.

Q: What is the best filling for weighted blankets?

A: Either glass or ceramic beads.

Q: What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

A: There are a wide array of benefits, and we’re sure that we haven’t even covered all of them.

Weighted blankets can:

  • Reduce cortisol levels which can therefore reduce stress levels
  • Help produce more melanin which can help with insomnia
  • Increase production of serotonin, dopamine and other hormones that cause the feeling of happiness
  • Reduce sleepwalking
  • Help soothe children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADHD, and PTSD

Tips For Choosing Weighted Blankets for Kids

#1: If you live in an area that experiences all types of weather conditions, opt for a versatile blanket.

You should get one that has either 2 sides: bamboo and minky or one that comes with different duvets to keep your child warm in the winter and cool in the hotter months.

#2: If you travel a lot, try to pick a blanket that comes with a carry case.

It may not seem like a big addition but it will keep the blanket clean, in good condition, and is just overall easier to transport.

#3: Make sure that the blanket is never too heavy for your child.

They should be able to easily put it on and take them off of themselves without anyone else’s aid.


Now that you’ve had the chance to read everything you could ever want or need to know about weighted blankets for kids, which one will your child be using? No matter which one you select, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting one of the best in the world.

However, what’s most important is that you select the perfect product for them. We hope that our guide has helped you do exactly that. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you again soon!


The Florensi is our Editor's Choice for the best kids weighted blanket with its combination of comfort, value and effectiveness.

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