3 Best Keratin Blowout Treatments 2023

We feel best when we look our best, but looking amazing takes time and money!

Working to get your hair sleek and straight can be a pain, especially for those of us with a head full of hair. It takes so much time, and if you are an antsy person like me, it’s so boring standing in front of the mirror for the mind-dulling task of straightening your locks in tiny sections at a time.

Keratin or Brazilian blowouts can cost upward of $400 if you have long, thick hair.  That’s a good chunk of change to dole out for beauty.  Why spend that much when you can get the same effect after spending an afternoon doing it yourself?

Yes, to do a good job takes several hours. Make sure to follow the manufacturers’ instructions. Watching a few tutorials will improve the likelihood that the treatment will last. You have to go over your hair many times to ensure it gets straight enough to last. Check out a tutorial the end of our article.

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Professional grade keratin treatments are out of reach for the average person.  They contain high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that can burn the eyes and throat. It’s essential to do these treatments in a well-ventilated room. Outside is even better.

There are other products that can give you great results and we review several of them here. Many reviewers found the home products lasted for a shorter time than a professional treatment, up to two months they reported. You have to weigh the time you take to straighten your hair daily to determine whether the time investment is worth it for you.

We recommend these products to people who are looking for super-straight hair to look great for a special event. You should be realistic about a home Brazilian blowout product, that it will not last as long as a salon treatment, before your decide on whether  it’s worth your effort.

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 Let’s get to the meat of it. Here are our top three recommended Brazilian Blowout products, in no particular order:

Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment by Moroccan Keratin

The first product we recommend is Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment by Moroccan Keratin

This product is designed to treat damaged, frizzy hair. Infused with rich Moroccan oil , this product will leave your hair sleek and silky.

This kit includes 4 products:

  • pre-wash shampoo to prepare for the keratin application
  • keratin treatment
  • sulfate-free shampoo for washing out the keratin product and protect your newly straightened hair
  • conditioner to keep your hair soft and smooth

User Reviews

Users reported their hair didn’t feel damaged like it does with other straightening processes.  While the lotion tended to burn the eyes and throat (all the products do), it was bearable and had a coconut scent.

Some users were able to complete the process on their own but highly recommended having help. Not only did it shorten the time, they were able to get hard to reach areas more easily. They were able to do a more thorough job.

There was enough product to fully cover hair, even for those with long locks. If you have particularly thick hair, it may be safer to purchase two boxes. Users with long hair said the treatment took them about 3 hours, including the pre-treatment hair washing, blow drying it and then flat ironing.

It’s crucial to use enough product because it needs to fill the pores in the strands of your hair. Definitely use gloves and a mask because the fumes from this Keratin blowout treatment can burn your throat. Also, you don’t want the chemicals to absorb through your skin. Users recommended applying this product outside if possible.

Those who critiqued the product were disappointed with how long it lasted, which they said was about 4 weeks if you wash your hair 2-3 times per week.

Complex Brazilian Keratin Blowout Kit by Keratin Research

This Brazilian Blowout Kit by Keratin Research is pricier than their other product, but it includes 4 300-ml bottles which will support the entire process of treating your hair. You can check out their single-bottle offer, which is less expensive, but less comprehensive here.

It was rated the highest-rated Keratin blowout treatment by verified purchasers.

User Reviews

Users reported that the instructions for application are straight-forward and easy to follow.

While the process took the best part of an afternoon, overall users felt it was a good alternative to professional-grade Brazilian Blowout treatment. Users felt the time investment and  length of time the product works is worth the time savings in daily hair care and expense of professional treatment.

Using this Brazilian Hair Blowout by Keratin Research made daily hair care easier for months after use. Hair remained straight for about two months. Users found they spent less time in daily hair care after completing this Brazilian Blowout.

This product will likely work better for wavy hair, less so for super-curly locks. African American users found it elongated their curls and was a good alternative to a straightening process. Those with wavy hair found it helped them battle frizz that naturally occurs from humidity.

The bottle will fully cover long, thick hair.  Make sure to saturate your hair.  Failure to use enough product may cause it to last a shorter period of time.

Those with curly hair reported that when their curls returned, it was less frizzy and softer. This was a trade off when comparing the price to a professional treatment.

Like the other formulas, this treatment was strong and users urged others to use a well-ventilated area to complete their treatment. Those with curly hair reported less positive results than those who have naturally straighter hair.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment Complex Blowout by Kerazon Professional

Kerazon Professional offers this economical Keratin treatment kit, which includes three separate bottles of product.

This Brazilian blowout treatment kit will last for 2 applications for shoulder length hair. If you have longer or seriously thick hair, you will need to use the entire bottle.

This kit offers three products:

  • pre-wash shampoo to prepare for the keratin application
  • keratin treatment
  • nourishing hair mask

The shampoo is designed to remove build up and impurities from hair in preparation for the keratin application. This keratin treatment product includes amino acids and is enriched with Buriti Oil. The post-keratin hair mask is designed to restore the hair’s Ph, which strengthens and nourishes the hair.

User Reviews

Like the other products, this one had a tendency to burn the eyes and throat, but one user claimed the scent was pleasant. After the treatment, users with dry hair reported smooth, silky hair. There was plenty of product to completely cover a full head of long, curly hair.

One stated that her hair still had some waves in it, but her daily hair routine was made much simpler afterward. The treatment lasted for over 4 weeks, and when her hair began to show more waves over time, it still remained more manageable than before the treatment.

In addition to taming frizziness, wet hair dried quicker. Even when air-dried, it remained frizz-free.

Satisfied users compared their results to a salon blowout. They said it was almost as good as going to the salon. Results lasted beyond a month. Hair began to show more waves after several weeks, but remained more manageable.

Reviewers would have liked the results to last longer.  Some complained about a burning sensation from the chemicals, more so they had experienced with other products.

How Do I Do a Brazilian Blowout?

Doing a Brazilian blowout at home is simple. It’s just that it has multiple steps and takes several hours to complete. You should follow the instructions provided, depending on the product you buy. But so you are prepared, we briefly go over the steps below.

In order to complete your keratin blowout safely and successfully, you should have a few supplies on hand, including: gloves, a mask, hair brushes, clips.

In addition to reviewing the instructions here, check out the link to a video tutorial we shared below.

  1. Wash your hair 2x
  2. Blow out your hair until it is completely dry.
  3. Divide your hair into very small sections and hold up each with small clips or bobby pins.
  4. Starting at the underside and working your way up, apply product with a brush, making sure to saturate the hair.
  5. Comb the hair to remove excess and then reapply that product to the section of hair you are working on.
  6. Massage product into hair to ensure that each strand has been fully covered.
  7. After your hair is completely covered, blow dry. There is no need to brush it out while blow drying.
  8. Divide your hair into small sections a second time, securing them with clips.
  9. Turn hot iron onto the hottest setting.
  10. Take each section of hair one at a time, separating them into smaller sections. Slowly run the hot iron from the root to the tips. Make sure to get as close to the root without burning yourself!
  11. Go over each section 15-20 times. This will take a long time and get quite boring, but in order to get best results, you must be thorough with the process.
  12. After finishing hot ironing all hair, leave the product in for three days.  Make sure not to put it up in a pony tail or tuck behind your ears. Anything other than letting it lie naturally can create kinks or curves in it.

Enjoy your results!


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