3 Best Foot Spas Reviewed 2023

Have you been on the lookout for an all-in-one foot spa that will melt away the tensions of the day?  There are so many options and so many bells and whistles. How do you possibly decide which is the best foot spa for you?

After some pretty extensive research, we’ve selected our faves. Our reviews of the top-rated foot spas should help make your choice a little easier.

Each of our reviews includes the highlights, an overview, and what users are saying about each model. Don’t miss out on the additional information at the end of the article where we discuss the benefits of foot massage and reflexology

Best Foot Spas- ACEVIVI
Courtesy of ACEVIVI

 Let’s get to the meat of it. Here are our top three recommended Foot Spas, in no particular order:

ACEVIVI Foot Bath    

Best Foot Spas - ACEVIVI features

ACEVIVI is a leader in foot spa technology. As their top-of-the line option, this model does not disappoint. ACEVIVI has packed a slew of features into this product. It’s kind of like they remembered everything.

The ACEVIVI Foot Bath works on weary feet by replicating proven massage techniques. The various features are conveniently located at the user’s fingertips on a brightly lit display.

The ACEVIVI’s motorized maize roller provides acupressure to your feet by hitting key trigger points. Its 16 motorized shiatsu massage balls knead out muscle tension.

A pedicure stone provides a rough area for applying pressure to your heels, while keeping them silky smooth. You can choose soothing bubbles, which gently caress your feet and ankles. Its red light technology is designed to promote cell regeneration.

You may adjust the water temperature to your liking, with a range between 95°F-118°F. There are some other handy features that you may not immediately consider as important, but they are worth taking into account for ease of use.

The ACEVIVI Foot Bath has wheels for easy transport. It includes a drain, so no need to empty it by awkwardly dumping the water out.

What Users Say

What did users have to say about this ACEVIVI foot bath massager?  Let’s look at some of the key takeaways, both pro and con.

Some reviewers used this foot spa in lieu of paying for pricey pedicures. You can add essential oils to soften and sweeten the skin. For those who use a foot bath for inflammation, Epson salt can be added to the water for that purpose.

Satisfied users pointed out this foot spa heats up quickly and maintains a nice, warm temperature during the duration of their sessions. They also commented on the substantial pressure provided by the shiatsu massage balls, which made the foot spa effective at releasing tension in the soles of the feet.

Best Foot Spas - ACEVIVI model

Users appreciated how roomy this ACEVIVI foot bath is, commenting there is enough room for your heels to benefit from the motorized rollers. The built in drain, which makes it easier to clean and dry after use, is a valuable feature.

Most raved about the ACEVIVI, but it did have a few detractors. One felt it was overpriced. A couple of others would have liked jets that are more powerful. Another complained that the roller was too hard. Overall, though, our reviewers were highly satisfied with its quality and features.

MaxKare Foot Spa

MaxKare Foot Spa - table

This is MaxKare’s most advanced model. This MaxKare Foot Spa will make your feet feel blissful with 16 motorized massage balls, refreshing bubbles, and heated water. It also has a vibration function.

The MaxKare has one button activation, easily accessible on the bright display panel. You can adjust the water temperature between 95°F-118°F, or just leave it room temperature if you prefer. It comes with a medicinal compartment where you might add tea tree oil or some other therapeutic oil.

There are wheels to easily move it. It’s easy to drain thanks to its design and the tubing included.  You won’t slop water around when you’re trying to dump it out thanks to it’s easy draining design and the tubing included.  This is also a handy feature that keeps cleaning it simple.

Finally, the MaxKare Foot Spa comes with a cover and a carrying handle.

What Users Say

We’ve given you the rundown on the basics of the MaxKare Foot Spa.  Now, what do users have to say?

Those who preferred the MaxCare chose this model for improved circulation, relaxation, and as a treatment for dryness.  They commented on its roomy size and high-quality construction. Due to its sturdiness, you can fill the MaxKare to the brim without it wobbling or bending. They made mention of the controls which are user-friendly.

The water heats up quickly and keeps warm. The temperature can be adjusted to your preference. This model creates strong vibrations and the massage balls provide a firm, rhythmic rotation that revitalizes tired feet. Importantly, the massage mechanism is large enough to cover the entire foot.

While the dimensions are sufficiently wide and long, some reviewers wished it were a little deeper in order for the water to reach above the ankles.  The pressure of the bubbles were disappointing to some users. Some complained about the balls hurting the soles of their feet, but that sounds like an individual issue, as most who used it spoke highly of the massage action.

Misiki Foot Bath Massager

Miski Foot Spa Massager - table

The Misiki Foot Bath Massager is the only non-motorized foot spa we reviewed. Non-motorized models have their advantages. For one, they are more economical; and secondly, they don’t have a motor that could go on the fritz.

Just like the more advanced designs, this Misiki Foot Bath Massager heats the water to your liking. There are water jets in the unit which create bubbles. In addition to the heat and bubbles, the Miski has a pedicure foot stone which can be used for softening rough areas on your foot.

There are fewer rollers in this model and its not automated. In order to benefit from the rolling motion, you need to move your feet along their surface. Finally, the Misiki has infrared lights which are supposed to promote cell regeneration.

What Users Say

Overall, reviewers had positive things to say about the Misiki.

Users commented on the Misiki’s ability to keep the water consistently warm during use. Most found the vibrations effective, but the majority of mentions were the rollers and how well they worked to relax the feet.

Those who used this foot spa for dryness commented on how useful the pedicure stone was in sloughing off dry skin. They felt their skin was significantly softer after using it. Users liked this foot spa as a replacement for expensive professional spa treatments.

The Misiki is roomy and deep which ensures that your ankles get special attention too.

As with the other foot water massagers we reviewed, the pressure from the jets don’t create bubbles that are particularly noteworthy. Some would have liked a stronger vibration While the heating unit functions fine, it takes a while for it the water to heat. The unit is a bit noisy.

So, we promised some information on foot health and relflexology.

Reflexology is the practice of hitting specific trigger points in the foot to influence other areas for the body. For example, one area of your foot would correspond with the liver and another would align with the heart. It’s an alternative form of wellness that has ancient roots.

The effectiveness of reflexology has not been supported by modern science. In spite of that, many seek out the “treatment” for a multitude of conditions such as anxiety, headaches, and diabetes.

A foot bath massager, or foot spa, is an economical and convenient way to pamper yourself.  Having one in the home means you don’t have to make an appointment, fight traffic, and pay a professional to enjoy the relaxing, rhythmic massaging you get from a foot spa. People use these for different reasons- as an alternative to expensive pedicures, for relaxation, and for pain reduction.

Massage in general has been shown effective for stress relief and for reducing anxiety. Plus, it just feels good!  We have additional resources on our site, which you can check out.  They are unconventional, but affordable.  And the most important is they are effective! Check here.

Finally, we’ve got to put a plug in for mindfulness, the ancient practice that’s the new rage in psychology. The benefits of mindfulness are becoming increasingly supported by research. We read up on the plethora of books on the practice of mindfulness and selected those that were most popular. You can see what we think the top mindfulness books are here.

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