Know About the Zombie Drug From Russia – Krokodil

By on November 12, 2013
Zombie Drug From Russia - Krokodil

Russia’s “krokodil,” is a lethal drug that is referred to as “zombie apocalypse drug” which eats away flesh in its late-stages. This drug also called Zombie flesh eating drug which kills away from inside out and people who takes this drug regularly turns to Zombies, have been found their way to US.

This highly addictive opioid that is injected through veins is called krokodil (pronounced as crocodile) or also called desomorphine. It’s so named because users noticed green or black scaly skin. Hence, it is called as horrific drug which became an epidemic in Russia.

Many consider it as “if anyone want to die, taking this drug is the best way as it kills you from inside out”.

Zombie Drug From Russia - KrokodilKrokodil is an injectable opioid that causes severe damage to veins and even soft tissue infections followed by necrosis and gangrene.

The soft tissue damage occurs around the area where injection is given. The drug also forms clumps in the veins as it does not dissolve in the blood completely. These clumps start to damage the soft tissues.

Krokodil is administered in to veins through injections just as heroin can be, but its homemade mixing components add to its deadly substances. Household ingredients like paint thinner; gasoline, iodine, hydrochloric acid and iodine are mixed to prepare “crocodile.” Crocodile is cheaper than heroine.

“Krokodile” has got its reptilian name because the toxic mixers or ingredients associated with this drug turn user’s skin scaly, but this happens only in the beginning. On long run, addicts will experience rotting sores.

In Russia, addicts frequently are young people associated with short drug histories, the study found. Medical help is frequently sought when addicts in the advanced stages of their addiction and end up with serious mutilations like rotting gums, decayed structure of the jaw and facial bones,bone infections,ulcers and sores on the skull and forehead as well as rotting ears, lips, nose, liver and also kidney related problems.

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