How To Create Personal Development Plan?

By on March 22, 2012
Personal Development Plan

Personal Development PlanA personal development plan is a collection of things that you want to accomplish, with mini-goals or milestones to help you out along your way. Your plan doesn’t have to be in a fancy manner, but that should be figured out somewhere-a journal, a notebook, or your computer. Be sure to include several aspects of your own personal life while creating a development plan.

Do you have clarity about what you want to do with the future life of you? Do you know where you are going? Not really? Then work out on how to create the personal development plan that is right up the alley.

Do you have dreams and hopes about your goals? If you do, are you sure about the way you have to go-perhaps the personal development plan will be helpful for you in figuring out that, and also help you to reach your goals.

Here are some suggestions about how to create a personal development plan:

Your development plan is only for you, so it should contain all the information about you only, and what really you want to achieve and accomplish.

Aspects of your life that you need to include in a personal development plan are:

  • Purpose of your life: For what to do you were born? What is the meaning for your birth and life? This is the first thing you need to include while creating the plan.
  • Your dreams: The dreams may be related to your personal life or about your professional growth whatever the hopes and far reaching thoughts would give inspiration for you to start action.
  • Long Term, medium and short term goals: Some people would like yearly, monthly, and others like weekly goals. Set up at least some goals that you can accomplish. This would let you see that you have measurable progress towards your goals.
  • Your values and beliefs: You stand for what? What do you want your actions show you stand for?
  • Mistakes and the lessons: Sometimes you may make the mistakes along your way. Write the lessons that you learn from your mistakes.
  • Milestones and success: Just as you wrote your mistakes, also celebrate your success.

Tools that help to develop the plan:

  • Events: Especially for education and career goals, are there any demo classes or seminars you have to attend? Meetings? Conferences where the people similar to you can gather?
  • Supporters and mentors: Who can help you to reach out your goals? For your personal goals, you can form individual groups towards a particular purpose. You can refer to a lot of blogs, which can inspire you.
  • Books or classes or educational material: You can find resources from books. You can also refer some other’s personal development plan reviews.

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