Alcohol Liver Disease – Result Of Heavy Drinking Of Alcohol

By on March 29, 2012
Alcohol Liver Disease

Alcohol Liver DiseaseAlcohol liver disease refers to the damage caused to the liver and its functionality. This is mainly caused due to heavy consumption of alcohol for period of about 20 years. This disease is one of the major causes of liver diseases.

Alcohol liver disease includes three main conditions i.e. fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis, and cirrhosis. Let us see these three conditions in detail.

Fatty Liver

This is also called as Fatty Liver Disease, in short FLD. It is nothing but accumulation of fatty acids in liver cells. Heavily drinking of alcohol, even for just few days will result in accumulation of fatty acids all over the liver.

This disease does not show any symptoms. This is not much serious condition. This can be usually reversible by stopping heavy consumption of alcohol. But, in some cases this can result in alcoholic hepatitis.

Alcohol Liver Disease Condition – Alcoholic Hepatitis

We can describe this disease as inflammation caused to liver due to consumption of alcohol for prolonged period. This inflammation can range from mild to severe. Mild cases are not much serious, but severe conditions can be death taking.

This condition is not related to quantity of alcohol intake, some of the alcohol consumers are more prone to this disease. Around 35% of heavy consumers of alcohol develop this type of alcohol liver disease.

Mild cases do not show any symptoms. Abnormal level of liver enzymes in the blood is the only indication, which can be obtained with the help of blood test. Mild cases can be treated by stopping alcohol consumption for several months.

Whereas severe cases show the symptoms like feeling unwell, pain in liver, and jaundice. This can result into complete liver damage. These cases can be treated with Glucocorticoids.


The next and last stage of alcohol liver disease is Cirrhosis. Nearly 15% to 20% of heavy drinkers of alcohol develop this chronic condition. This comes as succession of Alcoholic Hepatitis or sometimes even of fatty liver directly.

This can be characterized as inflammation, fibrosis and damaged liver tissue. This condition results into scarring and even to death of cell in liver tissue, ultimately to liver failure. This alcohol liver disease stage shows symptoms like jaundice, pain, and liver enlargement.

This is an irreversible condition. In early stages, immediate stopping of alcohol consumption can prevent the further damage. But, for sever conditions liver transplantation is the only treatment.

So, it is always good to limit the alcohol intake for preventing alcohol liver disease. It is always possible to stop drinking alcohol. There are many ways available that can help in getting rid of alcohol addiction.

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